Hotel Villa Flori

Villa Flori loves surprises, she likes to reveal herself to those who enter the park, protected as it is from view by two majestic Lebanon cedars. She likes to flaunt all her 19th-century elegance and original furnishings, artfully restored: the stuccoes, floral frescoes, wooden floors are all original, and wear their age well. But she also enjoys showing off her modern details: a lounge bar with contemporary furnishings, efficient service, and all the hi-tech amenities like WiFi, so you can stay connected wherever you are in the hotel, and a well-equipped spa so you can disconnect and relax now and then. Villa Flori, so romantic, so contemporary.
 Via Cernobbio 12 - 22100 Como (CO)
Distance from Fiera Milano Rho
43.8 Km
Travel time by car (approx)
29 minutes