NH Fiera

A truly iconic-building with its two leaning towers designed by the famous French architect Dominique Perrault, NH Milano Fiera represents an architectonical landmark of the Fiera Milano district,. With a square section and an external façade covered by black glass-ceramics, the two towers (15-17 floors high) both incline at a 5° angle towards the city of Milan and the Fairground, making a big virtual “V” shape. The hotel, featuring 398 rooms and several meeting spaces, with its original design (including 1250 windows in 5 different shapes and sizes) as well as the innovative building solutions and materials, is a true masterpiece of modern engineering.
Via degli Alberghi snc - 20017 Rho (MI)
Distance from Fiera Milano Rho
0.45 Km
Travel time by car (approx)
0 minutes
Nearest public transport
MM1 Rho Fiera
Travel time by public transport (approx)
0 minutes