Magna Pars L' Hotel à Parfum

“The Essence of Living”… hospitality on the same premises as an old perfume factory. The “Hotel à Parfum” was established to express Italian excellence and to offer its guests a unique sensory experience. With its trees, flowers, fruits and a hidden garden to delight the senses, this is a magical place all to be discovered on the quiet Via Forcella, in the Tortona district of Milan. Each Suite decorated in subtle colors has refined lighting, brushed oak wood plank floors, leather sofas and chairs, glass tables, a bookcase with a small private collection, and refined paintings inspired by the olfactory elements that give each Suite its name and character. The sixty hotel suites – an expression of excellence and human creativity catering to the most refined guests – offer sophisticated Italian hospitality. Each suite is inspired by a floral, fruity, aromatic, woody or resinous olfactory note in line with the history of perfumes.
Via Vincenzo Forcella 6 - 20144 Milano (MI)
Distance from Fiera Milano Rho
11.6 Km
Travel time by car (approx)
26 minutes
Travel time by public transport (approx)
44 minutes